Gemini Man and Sagittarius Woman

Gemini Man and Sagittarius Woman


Gemini man and Sagittarius woman share some common traits like they both value their independence and they are talkative people. Sagittarius woman likes honest people while Gemini man likes the company of person who matches his intelligence. They both like wandering around and studying different aspects of life.

Gemini man:

Gemini man is friendly person and he likes meeting new people. He can always learn many things from people he meet. He moves from one person to another to have interesting life. He is talkative person and can bind people in his sweet talk. He likes traveling and exploring new places. He can’t be stopped at one place as he wants to see whole world. He is intelligent person and has ability analyze the thoughts of other people. He can also manipulate other people. He will prefer to have lover who can keep him interested in her otherwise he will move on to someone else. He is romantic person but his lover will have to bring his romantic side out.

Gemini Man and Sagittarius Woman


Sagittarius woman is sensitive person. She is caring and emotional in nature. She is friendly in nature and likes to travel around to explore new places and people. Sagittarius woman is honest person and expresses her feelings easily to people. She can be moody person and it is waste of time to keep guessing her nature. She is happy for one moment and sad on next. She shows supportive nature while she can also be critical sometimes. Sagittarius woman wants love and little attention from her love in return she devoted herself to him.

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Gemini man and Sagittarius woman

Gemini man and Sagittarius woman experience strong pull towards each other. They can have physical intimacy with one another. They both find each other similar to one another. They also match each other’s conceptual level. They both will want to have their own space and give the same facility to their partner. They both can have fear of becoming lonely and but together they can get over it. Sagittarius woman should avoid being too much honest with Gemini man as he can get hurt by her comments.

Gemini man can keep Sagittarius woman entertained with his amazing interacting qualities and imaginative personality. Sagittarius woman is also capable of generating many ideas but she lacks the confident to act on it. She can also become confused with so many thoughts. Gemini man can help her to increase her confidence with his positive look out. Gemini man should not break her heart as she is very sensitive person. It will be difficult for Sagittarius person to get over him. They can enjoy wonderful outing with each other. They will find more interesting aspects of each other while involved in any argument.

Gemini man and Sagittarius woman relationship:

Gemini man and Sagittarius woman will have deeper and meaningful relationship as they spend more time with each other. They become supportive to each other. They form such a wonderful understanding that they can almost think about same thing. Gemini man can understand the meaning of words spoken by Sagittarius woman. They value each other which lead to have better commitment in their relationship.

Though Gemini man and Sagittarius woman relationship looks pretty much good and compatible they can also have some critical issues to look after. Sagittarius woman looks for loyal and life time relationship but when she realizes that Gemini man is not serious about their relationship, she can become furious on him. She cares for her feelings and those who hurt her can have it back from her. She wouldn’t fear to be harsh on him. Reckless nature of Gemini man generally causes problems in their relationship. Both of them can be brutal with their words. If Gemini man and Sagittarius woman both can keep up with each other then they can have enjoyable relationship with one another.



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